Standard NAD+ Treatment

500mg ($285), 750mg ($420), or 1000mg ($500)

  • IV infusion of the above dosage ranges over 1-3 hours, as needed
    • For optimal results, consecutive treatments (either 5 or 10) done in a 10–12-day span are recommended
    • Interested in the 5 or 10 recommended treatments? See our packages below for discounted prices when purchasing two or more treatments!
  • Vivid’s Vit-A-Mino Cocktail (At conclusion of NAD+ infusion) -$ 129
      ✔ B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)
      ✔ Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Glutathione
      ✔ Magnesium
      ✔ Vitamin B12
      ✔ Amino Acids

At-home NAD+ Self-Administration Kits

Wanting the benefits of NAD+ but don’t have the time commitment to come in for a drip? We have you covered! NAD+ subcutaneous (SQ) injections are fast and essentially painless. Better yet, the process only takes a couple of minutes and does not come with the side effects often experienced through an NAD+ IV drip. The benefits of NAD+ SQ injections are the same as if you do the IV infusion but with the potential for even better absorption as your body absorbs it slowly and steadily through the SQ route!

Benefits of NAD+ SQ injection vs NAD+ IV drip:
  • Very tiny, essentially painless needle injected into your arm, abdomen, or thigh vs needing to start an IV (great for those who avoid IV therapy due to difficult-to-find veins)
  • Administration takes only a couple minutes
  • Slower absorption
  • Same benefits
  • You can administer on your time, whenever and wherever convenient for you.
What does the kit contain?
  • 2,000mg NAD+ vial x 1 (Twenty – 100mg SQ injections)
  • Insulin syringes x 20
  • Alcohol pads x 40
  • Sharps container x 1
How it works:
  1. Call 616-350-9123 to order your NAD+ at-home kit
  2. Stop by our storefront and complete necessary paperwork including consent forms and medical intake form (if not already on file)
  3. One of our qualified providers or nurses will provide education on how to perform aseptic-technique and how to self-administer your NAD+
  4. Take kit home with you and administer on your time – recommend 2-3 injections per week, rotating injections sites
  5. Each kit comes with a sharps container for you to safely discard your needles after each use
  6. When you are done with your kit, simply bring your sharps container back to our storefront and we will ensure the sharps/medical waste gets disposed of properly for you at no additional cost.


Interested? Call 616-350-9123 or email [email protected] for more information