ANTI-AGING PROTOCOL (recommended age 45 and older)

Option 1: One Week Course – $855
  • IV infusion of 500mg NAD+ over 2-4 hours, three times in week one (alternate days)
Option 2: One Month Intensive Course – $3,700
  • Week 1: IV infusion of 500mg of NAD over 2-4 hours 3x per week in week 1 (alternate days)
  • Week 2: IV remineralization with vitamin C 25g plus amino acids followed by glutathione 2,000mg 3x per week
  • Week 3: Repeat NAD 3x per week
  • Week 4: Repeat remineralization – 3x per week
What to know
  • NAD+ has shown to decline as we age, leading to accelerated cellular and molecular degeneration and aging, as explained further in the link below:
  • NAD+ therapy promotes cellular and molecular regeneration, thus helping to slow the aging process. The two options above can both provide anti-aging benefits, with Option 2 providing even more anti-aging benefits through the remineralization of powerful antioxidant’s glutathione and high-dose vitamin C.


Two-Week Course Treatment (Ten 750mg treatments in 10 days) – $4,200
  • IV infusion of NAD 750mg over 4-6 hours 10x over a two-week span (daily)
After treatment regimen (optional)

NAD+ at-home self-injections as needed.

  • If, after the treatment course, you are still having occasional cravings, you may self-inject 100mg SQ NAD to help get over these cravings.
  • Patient can keep this at home and self-inject subcutaneously (SQ)
  • In-depth teaching provided on-site at our storefront clinic
  • What’s included:
    • One 10mL (1000mg) reconstituted vial of NAD+ (10 treatments)
    • Cost: $450 (savings of $49)
What to know
  • NAD+ therapy is NOT a cure for addiction. NAD+ is a natural therapy option that has shown to help cellular healing within the brain, which in return can help take away cravings associated with addiction. With this, there is a much better chance of successfully recovering and allowing the person a greater chance of long-term success with recovery.
  • Studies have shown NAD IV therapy can help reduce cravings, depression, and boosts energy levels associated with detoxing from alcohol, opiate withdrawal, and benzodiazepines
  • NAD is a more natural solution compared to the prescription of drugs suboxone, naltrexone, or methadone because there are no toxic side effects from NAD+
  • After only 10 consecutive treatments of therapy, people battling addiction have had a greater chance for a better quality of life rather than finding medications you need to help feel normal because you have a greater likelihood of getting back to feeling normal after therapy.
  • Why do people relapse?
    • Because alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and even food can make you feel better in the moment as there are neurotransmitter surges that creates a “happy feeling”. Stopping this thus stops these happy feelings and can lead to depression, fatigue, and a higher likelihood of relapse, all of which is something NAD+ can help to reduce or eliminate.

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